Yoga Sequences

There are many yoga sequences, the best known being Surya Namaskar - Salute to the Sun - which is a strong and dynamic sequence. There are many variations of Salute to the Sun as well as other lesser known sequences some of which are much gentler and more accessible.


Salute to the Moon

Unlike Salute to the Sun, different versions of Salute to the Moon often bear no resemblance to each other. As with this version, they are often quite challenging and not suitable for beginners.


Salute to the Sun variation

You should be familiar with the standard version of Salute to the Sun before trying this version which includes triangle, warrior 2, parsvokanasana and revolved parsvokanasana.


Bridge Sequence

This lovely little sequence is a firm favourite with students.


Supine Salute to the Sun

This is another gentle Salute to the Sun variation.


Kneeling Salute to the Sun

This is much gentler than the standard version of Salute to the Sun. It is very suitable for those who have difficulty either getting up and down easily or with the long step forward from dog into kneeling cobra in the conventional version of the Salute to the Sun.

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