We are delighted to have the support of Doctor Mukund Bhole and Doctor Samprasad Vinod, both highly regarded and renowned yogis, as patrons.

Yogacharya Doctor Mukund Bhole

Yogacharya Dr Bhole is an international expert on yoga and an inspiring teacher, as well as being conventionally medically trained. He specialises in teaching the science of pranayama using the mechanics of breathing, having researched the subject for many years at the famous Kaivalyadhama Institute in India.

He retired from there as Joint Director of Research in May 1995. In November 2003 the title of Yogacharya was conferred upon him at the International Conference on Yoga and Naturopathy held in Bangalore during the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Institute for Nature Cure and Yogic Sciences.

Dr Bhole derives his teaching from the original ancient texts rather than relying on the translations of others. He believes that the living teacher-disciple tradition can continue in the light of modern developments in education and training, and that ancient yogic concepts can be understood in the light of modern psycho-physiological knowledge. This way students can gain a deeper understanding of the effects of the techniques used in yoga and their resulting states of consciousness and learn how to individualise them for their own and others benefit.

Dr Bhole’s website at gives much more information about his teaching and approach and contains articles that he has written on subjects such as “When Science meets Yoga and Yoga meets Science”, “Understanding of Our body for Yoga Teachers in the Light of Present Medical Knowledge” and “Yoga Therapy”.

Doctor Samprasad Vinod

Dr Samprasad Vinod has over thirty years of rich experience in the training, treatment and research into Yoga.

He blends Indian spiritual wisdom with modern scientific knowledge through different activities related to Yoga. He has toured extensively across India, Europe and the USA addressing research conferences.

Dr Vinod is also the originator of the most unique concepts of Shavasan-Meditation and Swanand Sahayog Sadhana.

Apart from conducting Stress Management Workshops he has been holding Personality Programs for Youth which have been highly successful as well as appearing on radio and television in Northern Ireland and France.

His journalistic work extends to research articles in leading national journals and newspapers. His books on Shavasan-Meditation, Mental Health and Peace of Mind, Royal Way to Fulfilment of Aspirations, Being Happy and Sharing it With Others and Basic Principles in Sharing, are in the process of being translated into foreign languages.

His book ‘Nine Secrets of Successful Meditation’ is published in English by Watkins Publishing UK.

Dr Vinod has been awarded the ‘National FIE Foundation Award’ for his outstanding contribution in the field of Yoga as well as the Vijayshri Award which was also given to Mother Teresa.

His interests have not only been confined to Yoga but also extended to sports! He conducted a special training programme for an Indian cricket team and chaired the scientific session of the ‘National Seminar on Sports Medicine’ organised by the Indian National Medical Association in May 1993.

You can find out more about his work at

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