Helping on a remedial course

Volunteer helpers play an invaluable part on YHET Remedial Events. Here Mary Leonard writes about her experience as a helper. If you are interested in helping us, please let us know.


Clutching my list of helpful hints for helpers, kindly provided by June Skeggs, I arrived at Domus Mariae in November 2011 as a volunteer helper for the 5 day remedial yoga course.

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As a nurse working at the National Spinal Injuries Centre for many years I’d always considered it was vital to concentrate on what one can do and not what one can’t. This thought was definitely reinforced during this very full week of yoga.

My role was really just to observe and step in quietly (I hope!) when needed to assist, often in a small way such as ensuring a cushion or block was close at hand or in position to maximise the benefit of the asana.

I was able to join in the midday meditation as well as all the afternoon and evening activities. I even got up in time to do my own yoga practice before breakfast.

I had a very enjoyable week in which I honestly felt I gained as much if not more than I had given. It gave me an insight of the consequences of multiple sclerosis of which I had previously been unaware. As the course was over five days it gave everyone more time to get to know each other which engendered a really good camaraderie. I hope to be able to return next time the course is held.

Mary Leonard

YUJ IT Informatics