Residential Therapeutic Yoga Break, 8th-12th November 2017

£ 310.00

Residential Therapeutic Yoga Break, 8th-12th November 2017

Patrons: Dr M Bhole and Dr S Vinod

Yoga for Health and Education Trust

Residential Therapeutic Yoga Break

Domus Mariae (school entrance)
Turpins Lane
Woodford Bridge
Essex IG8 8AX

(Unfortunately the house is not completely suitable for wheelchair users)

Wednesday 8th - Sunday 12th November 2017
Cost: £290 YHET members, £310 non-members
This event is subsidised by the Trust

All teachers are qualified yoga teachers with extra training to accommodate medical conditions

Arrive any time after 4pm on Wednesday
The event finishes after lunch on Sunday

or 1 Day Only - Friday 10th November 10:00 - 17:15
Cost: £35 including three course lunch

Do you find it difficult to participate in a general yoga class?
Do you suffer with fatigue?
Do your joints feel stiff?
Is your energy low?
Do you feel tense?
Do you feel anxious?
Do you find living with your condition results in stress?
Do you want to learn something that you can do every day to boost your energy?

If the answer is yes to any or all of the above a few days of relaxation, gentle stretching, increased  energy and practices that create an inner calm may be just what you need

This 4-day event is suitable for people who find it difficult to participate in a general yoga class and those with illnesses eg M.S., M.E., chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, cancer, Parkinsons, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, stress, anxiety etc.

What yoga can do for you

  • yoga provides non-competitive practical tools that can be used to maximise health in a comfortable encouraging way without stressing an already stressed body

  • yoga gently stretches & relaxes muscles.

  • yoga helps relieve unnecessary tension and discomfort relaxing the body and mind.

  • yoga quietens the over-active mind and emotions.

  • yoga reduces stress and anxiety.

  • yoga is one of the best practices to develop or enhance the mind-body connection.

  • yoga lets us connect with our inner self

  • yoga develops balance, harmony and a general state of well-being so important for healing.

  • yoga has been used to improve ill health and disease for many years.

People who live with chronic fatigue are usually surprised by how much they can do and how much better they feel.

The course will provide you with skills to take home to continue moving towards wellness, peace and harmony.
All sessions are voluntary and there will be free time for socialising, rest and relaxation.
Domus Mariae is the annexe of the Chigwell convent and it is a very peaceful and tranquil place. The grounds are large, well-cared for and there are places or quiet contemplation, includinga large purpose built labyrinth.

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Domus Mariae Weekend, November 2016

I had the pleasure of being a newcomer at a truly beautiful and enlightening weekend at YHET last weekend. I would like to thank all those involved in making it such a varied and enjoyable experience from start to finish. The venue is so relaxing and easy to feel a part of with the facilities offering everything for everybody. The food and refreshments were varied and plentiful with lots of choice and helpings. Sitting chatting to everyone gave a real sense of being part of the whole group and getting to know everyone. Having our own kitchen on each floor made for easy and flexible breakfast times. The rooms and facilities were all immaculate.

As for the all important yoga, the various classes offered a perfect balance of gentle yoga, stretching, strengthening, meditation, relaxation, chanting and even a gong bath. The early morning classes offered a perfect warm up to the day ahead with time afterwards for breakfast and a walk around the beautifully kept gardens. Having various different teachers throughout the whole weekend enabled me to experience different styles and paces of yoga. I have practised yoga for many years but haven't experimented as much as I would like which meant this weekend offered an ideal opportunity to immerse myself in a variety of experiences which were not just "exercise" based. I particularly enjoyed the chanting which I had never experienced before and found it very uplifting and blew away the cobwebs and inhibitions. I definitely feel more toned following some of the stretches and more dynamic yoga and am determined to up my regime at home, fingers crossed on that one!

The gong bath experience was unforgettable and really moved me. I have suffered mal alignment for many years which is gradually being corrected with thanks to my dentist and physiotherapist. The one area which I have suffered a lot of problems I found the gong bath particularly beneficial as this worked on a different level to just the physical. The vibrations seem to home in on this area immediately and I feel a lot more "clear and free flowing". I found the experience quite emotional but in a good way and am planning to visit another gong bath soon, luck for me they are in my area I am pleased to say. I found this a perfect end to the Saturday evening.

I can honestly say that I feel much stronger in mind, body and spirit and have met some wonderful people during the weekend. I will definitely return to the next YHET weekend and look forward to meeting up with all the wonderful people involved. I thank you all dearly and highly recommend joining YHET for all the benefits you have to offer.

I am now a proud member of YHET (membership complete!) so look forward to hearing all the news and upcoming dates.

Jo Hannington

Domus Mariae Residential Remedial, November 2016

Arriving on the Wednesday evening I quickly settled into my room and then caught up with the other members whom I hadn’t seen since last year, there were no embarrassing silences just chatter, chatter, chatter.

The first session with Gill Ansty related to the duality of yoga.  She demonstrated this by saying that if you put two oxen into a yolk they work in unison but are still separate. We worked with the right and left side of our bodies then experienced the togetherness of our whole body once the practice was over.

This theme was further demonstrated during the afternoon session when together we painted a silk picture.  Gill had drawn the outline on the silk with silver and gold paint, the five of us sat round the table and using silk paints we randomly coloured each section in.  Even the members who let out a groan – “I can’t paint” before we started enjoyed the experience and the end result speaks for itself.  “Just like the oxen we worked separately but in unison”.

After dinner we were given a demonstration of Dowsing by Jenny and June.  This ancient and mythical art fascinates me, I have no idea how it works - it just does.  It told us no to chocolate but said it was ok to drink the red wine, so Jenny and I just had to test it.

The Friday morning session was led by Helena Read who always provides us with a gentle but rewarding session.

Monika’s Mathieu’s session was also about the alignment of our bodies. She explained “why” and the benefit and consequence of an asana done in a specific way.

Ceri Lee again worked with aligning both sides of the body with a gentle twist.

The yoga performed in the remedial group although gentle is still challenging – being small in numbers allows you to discuss your experience during the practice.  This can be very helpful and of use when trying a different way to perform an asana.  A new position for me and several others in the group was the mermaid; this made performing a twist much easier, because you feel much more grounded. Also one thing you are sure to learn on a YHET weekend is there is more than one way to kill the cat, I mean perform the cat.

Saturday afternoon we did mantra with Ian Burgess.

Saturday evening was something else; the Gong Bath was quite an experience.  Some people were able to let go and be completely absorbed in the vibrations.  I was quite cautious, unsure how my nervous system would cope, so held back, unfortunately this in turn made me fidget. I suppose it is having the confidence that it will be beneficial and not harmful.  Nonetheless the effect was awesome and something I would like to try again.


Laura Isteed

Domus Mariae Remedial Residential, November 2013

The day before setting out I wondered why I was subjecting myself to quite a long journey, whether I’d fall off a train (I did manage to do that when I was young and fit), whether my reserved seats would be next to someone coughing and sneezing, whether my passenger assistants would materialise etc.etc! But once safely inside Domus Mariae I remembered why I had come - a warm welcome, yoga sessions guided in an expert and kindly way, new and useful ideas and information and lots of healthy, tasty food, so I'd like to thank June and everyone involved most sincerely.

I appreciated the good company of our small group and the infectious laughter of June and Jen (Bill and Ben). I arrived home relaxed and with more energy so much so that the first morning back I enjoyed the eight fine treasures standing and manage the eight bounces on my heels first time. Usually I only managed two or three bounces first time and have to work up to the eight.

The friends who collected mean said how well I looked (they don't usually say that) so this course obviously did me good. It is a pity more people couldn't have benefited from it.

Anna Russell

Domus Mariae Remedial Residential, November 2012

For me, the magic of my week at Domus Mariae starts as soon as I book the event. Then it is a countdown to the glorious day when I am driving down for my treat “retreat” away!

As soon as I arrived on 4th November there were friends to greet me, friends it was so good to see again, and also other guests who were to become friends. Our tutor was Ineke again, which was excellent.

My week started with the feeling of relaxation immediately, and after a wonderful meditation and relaxation we had the usual filling, homemade dinner, followed by a great catch-up with the others. After a wonderful night sleep my week’s routine was set, - yoga after breakfast each day, a great lunch, a couple of hours rest and then relaxation again. Our evenings varied from candle meditation, a great fun quiz night (which our team won, thanks to Mary!!), to breathing exercises and poems, stories or words to share. Friends brought readings etc and also CDs which held their ‘special’ tunes and this was a nice, thoughtful evening.

One afternoon I went for a walk in the gardens and, as last time, it was so peaceful and relaxing; plenty of time to just sit and reflect on whatever troubles or stresses you have left behind for a few days. One of the best things for me (after the yoga, relaxation, meditation etc etc) was simply to talk to my friends. It is amazing how knowledgeable these ladies are; in general conversations they can suggest a whole raft of solutions for various problems we may have just learned to live with - problems physicians, medical consultants and a whole range of medical ‘experts’ may have just written off. Of course the choice is yours whether to heed their advice or not, but I believe in them every time! It is nice too to just talk to someone different, who will listen to you and understand what you are going through. Patience is another virtue they have.

Ineke had written a varied and interesting programme for the week, and again, I participated in various practises which were new to me. At all times you are encouraged to do just WHAT you can, WHEN you can, and importantly IF YOU WANT TO. There is never any pressure to ‘keep up’ with the tutor or other residents. That is one of the many great things about Domus Mariae – you work at your own pace, and with help from the tutor, or other attendees.

Friday came way too soon for me, and it was time to head home. I said a sad farewell to my friends, but I know I will meet them again soon – in April 2013 actually, in Highgate House in Northamptonshire.

Denise Powell

Domus Mariae Remedial Residential, 6th-11th November 2011

Five days at Domus Mariae were a very pleasant experience which resulted in my returning home with much more energy.

A big thank you is due to Helena Read, Ineke Visser, June Skeggs and Mary Leonard for the 10.00 am yoga sessions which together with the excellent company and tasty, nutritious and plentiful food made the whole stay very worthwhile.

I left with many lovely memories, including Helena Schmitt’s playing Mozart specially for me, pushing Debbie’s wheelchair twice and getting slightly out of breath for the first time in many years, the whole of the last evening but particularly Mary's sharing of Sea Fever by John Masefield and its special significance for her, the warm, friendly atmosphere and the beauty and peace of the gardens. My one regret was that I didn't spend more time in the garden. That's for next time!

I can warmly recommend Domus Mariae and its welcoming atmosphere to those of you who will not yet have spent some yoga time there. I would like to take this opportunity to thank June, Helena Read and everyone involved for all their hard work in organising the November 2011 five day residential therapeutic yoga course.

Anna Russell

Domus Mariae Remedial Residential, 6th-11th November 2011

Arrival Sunday afternoon for a calming and peaceful introduction in the hall. We stored our yoga equipment in the hall we were to use for our yoga practice and Yoga 5 Day Remedial Therapeutic Course at Domus Mariae at Woodford Bridge, in Essex.

After introductions we all retired to our rooms. The room was on the second floor, but a lift is available to get all to their rooms. My room was immaculately clean and ready for my use. It was sparse but perfect for my bedroom needs. At the end of the hall were kitchenette facilities for drinks and breakfast.

What a wonderful opportunity to wake up and go to the hall and do my personal practice without any of the burdens from home. These daily practices without distractions have allowed me to develop my practice and allow work on class plans for my yoga students.

Each Morning at 10.00am to 11.30am we had a led yoga practice taking consideration of the differing Multiple Sclerosis problems and adapted with those considerations in mind. I knew I was lucky to be more able bodied than some, but my little extra needs were gently dealt with. My hands are weak and I could not hold the knees in position for certain poses and they soon came to support me. Even though my core is strong enough to give support, that would have not provided the benefits the asana was supposed to give. Both Ineke Visser and the helper Mary Leonard helped me during our daily practice to ensure I practiced properly and got the full benefit. It was greatly appreciated.

At noon we settled into a comfortable position and were guided into a twenty minute meditation with Ineke. By Friday I was consciously aware of how much more settled I was in myself, simply by taking a twenty minute quiet time to meditate and focus on my breath.

The meditation was immediately followed by lunch, that took into account everyone’s dietary needs (and for a group of 9 there were many variations!) and they produced a delicious lunchtime meal. After lunch until 3.30pm, it was our own free time. I personally took the opportunity to take a nap, after the mandatory mobile call to husband from the room.

The theme of this retreat was nutrition, especially considering Ayurveda. A new subject to me, we did a test on my Dosha and Gunas and apparently I am rajasic Kapha. It was interesting and kind of scary how a simple test can pin down the elements of who I am. There are special diets that support the type of person you are but, I definitely need to digest the information before I change the food I choose to digest. It is quite empowering to think I could actually take some control over this nuisance that is Multiple Sclerosis with a simple change to my diet. I am looking into an alternative to dairy products. Apparently there has been a lot of study into how dairy has a detrimental effort on people with Multiple Sclerosis, although I think it could be the population as a whole. Lots of homework for me, and perhaps share with the family at home.

Great Grandfather and Grandaughter

I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright
I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more
I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive
I wish you enough pain
So the smallest joys in life appear much bigger
I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.
I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess
I wish enough hellos to get you through the final goodbye.

I must admit to missing out on most of the evening talks – my MS ensured I took to my bed early. Thursday night, however, I was more rested – just in time to go home. It was a calm moment to share music, poems, stories that were important to us. To the right is a picture of my Dad holding my Grandaughter on the day she was born. Above is the poem “I wish you enough..” and below an extract from “Yogi’s Prayer” I shared from Mukanda Stiles “Structural Yoga Theraphy”

May everyone know a life of joy
May everyone have a life of health
May everyone only see the good in the world
May everyone soon be released from Pain

I am almost a fully qualified yoga teacher, only needing to do two more observed interviews then I will be able to help others in the MS community.

Karen Mascoll

Remedial/Therapeutic Residential, Domus Mariae 10th-15th October 2010

It was so good to see old friends again when I arrived at Domus Mariae on Sunday afternoon, and to meet new ones at the evening meal in the dining room. After dinner we met up for a warm welcome from Helena and June and a nice relaxation to get us all in the mood for the week ahead.

The following morning, after breakfast, Helena held a yoga session which was just what the doctor ordered! It was relaxing and stretched me as much as I was able and felt comfortable doing, and after a well earned cup of tea we had a soothing relaxation session. After lunch we had a Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga (Patanjali’s 8 limbs of yoga) and nostril breathing discussion and demonstrations, which were very interesting. We then had a couple of hours free and after dinner we had a session on Yoga Nidra with Ineke, who had travelled from the Netherlands for our course.

This was the typical routine for our week at Domus Mariae, with insightful sessions from Sannyasi Mahamani (Carol Smith), more yoga sessions from Helena, a talk on Chakras and relaxation from Deborah and even a demonstration of Dowsing from our friend Jenny one evening.

I also took advantage of the glorious grounds and gardens and had a walk round them early one morning to wake me up. In such a quiet location you can really unwind and relax.

It was a sad day when Friday arrived and I was packing to go home, but not before a last yoga and relaxation session. I know I am unable to attend the next weekend course in November, but will be counting the days until I can visit Domus Mariae again.

Denise Powell

Remedial/Therapeutic Residential, Domus Mariae 10th-15th October 2010

I am writing this while sitting on the ferry back home after five really nice days at Domus Mariae with the Remedial Yoga group.

Exactly nine years ago I left Ickwell Bury where I had lived as a residential yoga teacher for fourteen months. I bought a year ticket in London and left for India to see if I could find a higher path of yoga - which I found five years later in Holland! I only went back to The Bury a few times as I became too busy setting up a Yoga and Massage Practice in the south of Holland (Zeeland).

There was always a feeling of homesickness for England and the beautiful work I had done at The Bury, and to the lovely people I met there. I continued as a YHET member and was look forward to receiving the magazine which is kindly sent to me four times a year. When I saw that there was a Remedial course at Domus Mariae in Essex I decided to go to England as a helper again. So I phoned June and asked her if that was possible. I came by car and was able to bring my massage table which was much appreciated.

I have no words to explain how impressed I am by the good work that June and Helena are doing for the Trust. It felt so good to be back. I was so excited to go and to discover that half of the group were people I know from The Bury. The programme is about the same as it was at The Yoga for Health Foundation except for the early morning yoga. One morning I tried to organize a walk on the grounds of the convent. Strangely enough I found out that they all had to wash their hair that same morning! Denise turned up so we walked in the garden and did some Energization Exercises which I do every morning myself.

I also had the honour to do a yoga session and the meditation before lunch. It was very inspiring to help with the yoga sessions that Helena Read took and enjoyed the workshop with Maha Mani and Deborah. But I am mostly touched by the sincerity and the attitude of the group and also the efforts they make to do yoga so full of attention. To me they are real yogis.

On the last evening we looked at some DVDs which were made at Ickwell Bury. It was very nice to see them but also made us realize that they were only a memory. We now have the feeling that the work of the Trust is growing, and the location at Domus Mariae is perfect for the seed to grow.

Many thanks to the group, the YHET Trust and especially to June. I find it amazing what she is doing, teaching, organizing and the work that is not visible to us.

I hope to see some of you next year as I will come again in June.

Namaste to you all.

Ineke Visser (Holland) 

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