Highgate House Weekend, Creaton, Northants, 13th-15th April 2018

£ 265.00

Highgate House Weekend, Creaton, Northants, 13th-15th April 2018

Patrons: Dr M Bhole and Dr S Vinod

Yoga for Health and Education Trust



Creaton, Northants, NN6 8NN

Friday 13th April - Sunday 15th April 2018

YHET members £245 or £215 sharing a room
Non-members £265 or £235 sharing a room

Featuring a choice of yoga sessions with Peter Blackaby and other highly regarded teachers

All sessions are voluntary

Come and join us for our twelfth visit to this very popular venue for a memorable weekend of yoga and a great opportunity to socialise with fellow yogis and yoginis of all ages and backgrounds. This weekend represents outstanding value featuring, as always, a choice of general and gentle/remedial yoga options and the chance to work with a variety of experienced teachers.

This year we are delighted that Peter Blackaby is coming to share some of his work with us. He is the author of the highly acclaimed book “Intelligent Yoga” – the second edition of this is published in November 2017. He is an amazing thinker and offers a very unique approach to yoga maybe challenging some long held views.

The hotel is exceptional in its caring ambience and the food is award winning. They hold a Vegetarian Society Accreditation and are willing to cater for all diets but please provide details when booking.

The hotel offers us outstanding rates and the cost includes 2 nights’ accommodation and meals from dinner on Friday to Sunday lunch. Our event concludes after lunch on Sunday.

If sharing a room, please let us know who you are sharing with and whether you require a twin or a double room on the booking form. When booking online, please use the Personal Comments box on the Method of Payment page to tell us who you are sharing with and/or of any other specific requirements that you have. Please note that the twin rooms fill up very quickly. Thank you.

Highgate House is a striking country mansion in the picturesque Northamptonshire village of Creaton. Originally a coaching inn, it has evolved over the years into a superb venue for all kinds of events.

If you have not joined us at Highgate House before, why not see what other people have said about these events to know what to expect.

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Highgate House Weekend on The Chakras, October 2017

The last Yoga weekend I joined was in the final days of Ickwell Bury over a decade ago. It was great to find that the spirit of the Bury is alive and well. For me the whole weekend was a great homecoming.

The team at Highgate house were all very extremely helpful and friendly. This was with an authenticity that speaks of a happy and positive culture within the organisation.

Each of the sessions was great in its own way with the theme of the Chakras giving a thread weaving through them all. I hadn’t worked with any of the teachers before but I found I got a lot from each session and learned several new techniques.

The food was excellent. Saturday night was a real highlight for me. Our table really got on well and we had great fun. To the extent that we began to realise that we had become the ‘loud table’.

In summary great fun, great yoga and great company. Looking forward a lot to next time.

Jonathan Randall

Highgate House Weekend on The Breath, April 2017

I attended the April 7-9 yoga weekend at Highgate House and I'm so glad I did! It was just the inspiration I needed to revitalize my practice. The focus of the weekend was The Breath. The yoga and guided meditation sessions seemed geared more to noticing rather than controlling the breath. I found this slowed down awareness and was very peaceful and have taken that thinking into my regular yoga and meditation.

Highgate House Hotel is a lovely place. My room was comfy and cosy with a nice bathroom, great shower and organic toiletries. There is also a very nice indoor swimming pool and a gym with sauna. The staff were welcoming, enthusiastic and helpful. The chef and serving staff were particularly professional and accommodating. The food was plentiful and delicious. A highlight for me was the always available coffee and basket of biscuits.

I was originally interested in this yoga weekend because of the Sound Bath on Saturday night. I have become more and more curious about the effects of vibration/sound at a quantum level and was keen to have this experience. Roz Crampton and Adi Scott from Earthdance were incredible. The Sound Bath was performed as we lay on our mats with eyes closed. Tibetan bells, didgeridoo , drums, chanting, rainstick, and singing were some of the sounds. After a while I began to see bright colours behind my closed eyes and to feel powerful vibrations in my hands. One person on a mat near me began to sing. I found it joyful and eye opening. Thanks Roz and Adi!

(The Sound Bath had powerful effects on several people; some found it to be a wonderful experience others that it was painful and very distressing. Ed.)

In fact, the whole weekend was joyful and eye opening for me. I will definitely attend another YHET event. It was a real pleasure to meet this lovely, inclusive and positive group of people.

Toye Jarrell


Highgate House Weekend on The Breath, April 2017

The Highgate House Yoga weekend is a date in my diary that I look forward to immensely, giving the perfect opportunity to nip away from the chaos of busy family life and for a long weekend totally relax and return feeling restored.

I have been to Highgate house with my neighbour Sharon for the past four or five years and we always manage to have  great fun in gorgeous surroundings, enjoy plenty of varied yoga, and have plenty of laughs with friends old and new and even a competitive game or two of scrabble thrown into the mix.

Highgate house is a lovely 17th century country house in a rural location in Northamptonshire and is surrounded by pretty countryside so it’s the perfect place to feel as if you have really got away for the weekend.  The accommodation is varied with a mixture of old and new but whether you are in the main house or the annexe buildings, the rooms are always clean and comfortable and the staff exceptionally helpful.

The food is always plentiful and delicious – so much to choose from and the staff go over and above with any special dietary needs.  You can also help yourself to fresh fruit, drinks and snacks as well as bottled water throughout the weekend which is a lovely gesture.

Sharon and I tend to arrive on the Friday afternoon which we love as it eases us perfectly into the weekend unwind  - Creaton must be part of a mini micro climate as we more often than not end up sitting outside in the sunshine in the pretty gardens in April which is no mean feat.  The weekend programme starts with a gentle class, before dinner, then everyone gathers together for the welcome introduction to the theme of the weekend – this year – ‘The Breath’- was the theme which supported the basis of the class themes over the weekend.  Each of the teachers used the theme in their classes which  gave new ways of thinking and moving using the breath – the classes really made you rethink and focus on slowing down the breath and being aware of finding stillness in the breath.

The variety  of yoga built into the weekend programme is always a real bonus.  It  really is suitable for everyone and you can dip in or dip out too, so you don’t need to feel pressured about going to every session if you fancy a lie in instead of an early morning stretch or a walk or swim instead of one of the daytime sessions!  Most sessions offer a choice of two classes simultaneously too so you can dip into whatever you fancy – general or remedial plus there are group meditation sessions and discussions which are always a great way to get involved or simply sit and listen.

The weekend also offers wonderful opportunities to try new experiences. One of the sessions this April was a ‘gong bath’ which I personally found extremely moving and  gave an insight into a completely different practice of teaching.  It also created a topic for discussion about how people felt about the gong bath and the feelings they experienced in the session  both – good and bad.

I would highly recommend the weekend to anyone wanting to enjoy sharing yoga  with like minded people in a gorgeous setting.

Many thanks to all involved in making the weekend so special.

Diana Civil


Highgate House Weekend, October 2016

What lovely people, what wonderful yoga and what a terrific weekend!

This was an experiment for my wife and I to try a weekend of yoga and healthy exploration after taking up yoga together 2½ years ago. It was a birthday present for her and what’s more I was to join her in the experience.

Well, the experiment was successful!

The sessions were so very varied with different styled teachings of yoga, meditation and ‘specials’ practiced in packed days (They were arranged gentle or stronger in simultaneous events whilst being given the option to move from one to the other as desired. Please note they were not compulsory!) We met such lovely people and saw a much gentler side to life than one experiences in the everyday – at least in mine!

As a man it’s always good to meet other guys trying the same. I only wish more would try particularly when this weekend experience transformed my whole end of week and more! Body, mind, spirit, all moved to better places. You wouldn’t believe how good I feel on the Monday writing this post event!

It was particularly good to experience this with my wife too!  Marina enjoyed it immensely. A superb experience to share in more ways than one considering the excellent hotel with it’s culinary delights were both special and also personalised where you needed.

So why don’t you buy this as an anniversary or birthday present for your husband/wife or partner and come along together as I did or simply do it because you want to. I can’t wait for the next one! I promise if you come with an open mind you won’t be disappointed…..go on try it!

Kevin East and Marina Ossovskaya


Highgate House Weekend, October 2016

As a Yoga for Health Foundation teacher, who’s been AWOL for a few years expanding my training and having a family, I was keen but nervous to attend the October Highgate House weekend. I needn’t have worried. The YHET welcome was warm – it was like ‘coming home’ with friends old and new. 

The venue is far superior to any other I’ve experienced on a YHET weekend. It’s a nice location, conveniently located near the M1 but rural enough to be beautiful. The hotel is unique; a mixture of old and new. The old is charming. The new is comfortable. There’s free parking, Wi-Fi, Sky TV, and refreshments. There is even a small pool, gym and sauna on the premises but I didn’t use them this time. The food was delicious and the chef literally bent over backwards to cater to every single dietary requirement magnificently. Every single staff member I encountered was exceptionally helpful and friendly. 

The yoga space was large, clean and warm – not pretty, but very functional. The variety of yoga and meditation offered was great which sums up YHET’s ethos of ‘Yoga for All’. The only thing that would have made it perfect for me was newer more comfortable beds, but it was still good to have my own en-suite room – something you don’t often get on such a competitively priced yoga weekend. 

Overall I would recommend and I will endeavour to return in April 2017. Thanks to all for making the weekend such a success.

Liz Brown

Highgate House Yoga Weekend - April 2015

I have just attended my first weekend event with YHET and Highgate House and have returned feeling recharged, refreshed and happy.

The tutors were all knowledgable and approachable and I found that I learnt new techniques as well as being able to undertake fulfilling practice.

The whole environment was friendly, the hotel and staff really helped to add to the mood for the event, and every attendee was kind and welcoming.

I would also make particular comment about the agenda being well balanced meaning that people of all abilities could attend and benefit.

Thanks for a great weekend.

Paula Farrow

Highgate House Yoga Weekend, April 2014

What a memorable weekend! I was invited by my good friend Jo to come to Highgate House, my first visit. I had been to Ickwell Bury a few times, so I had some idea what to expect. My first impression of the hotel was of a beautiful old building in a stunning situation, rolling countryside, lovely views and lots of friendly, helpful people with freedom to wander in the grounds and admire the garden.

Having found our room, large, very well equipped with comfortable beds, we had our first stretch with Ally - a great start to the weekend. Everyone was so friendly and our dinner was a happy occasion, great food and a lot of talking. After the meal, Jacqui gave an introduction to the theme of the weekend which ran throughout the weekend and helped to bind the classes together.

After a good night's sleep and a lovely stretch before breakfast, I managed a swim in the warm pool - towels provided! I enjoyed Happy Hips with Jacqui and there was never any pressure to do anything that was not right for you. Meditation before lunch was very grounding, after lunch I think I would have nodded off because there was so much lovely food!

"Energy following Mind" with Martine gave me new ways of doing moves with meaning. The good thing about yoga is that you keep on learning - the OM session with Ellen was a first for me and I found it very powerful. The free time was spent talking and discovering the main house - amazing. After more food at dinner we were happy to drop into bed.

Final stretch with Ally - perfect. Calming words and music with Bill & Gill before a more energetic class with Les. A lot of humour and no pressure again to force yourself. Our last meal - again so much choice. Sad goodbyes but hope to meet again next year.

I came home very happy, positive, invigorated, energised, full of wonderful food and very grateful that I had been able to take part.

Thank you to all who made this possible.

Margaret Holt

Highgate House Yoga Weekend, April 2014

A big thank you to all involved in the lovely weekend at Highgate House in the rolling countryside of Northamptonshire. I have now been several times to this annual yoga weekend and it never fails to deliver. Ally and her team of Trustees and the hotel staff work really hard to make the visit truly enjoyable. The food was delicious. Plenty of choice to suit all tastes, and throughout the day fresh fruit, snacks and drinks were available. Cold bottled water could be collected at any time.

The theme of Mindful or Mind Full was supported by all the skilled yoga teachers and the variety of such good teaching was a real bonus. It was useful to have a pen portrait of the teachers and guidance on the level - strong /gentle – to help when choosing the session to join. I never felt overwhelmed and enjoyed being pushed to make the body and mind work a little harder, with the constant reassurance to rest if we needed to.

Despite having been to yoga classes for over 50 years I always learn something new. This year ‘terrier tail’ and ‘whippet tail’ as part of the cat posture was one! After 5 hours of yoga on Saturday I fell into a comfortable bed and slept soundly, waking in time to go to the ‘Early Morning stretch’ the next day, followed by an excellent breakfast. I met up with old friends, and made many new friends, and we look forward to meeting again next year. I would thoroughly recommend this weekend as a chance to just be yourself, in beautiful surroundings, in a warm atmosphere of love and friendship and to enjoy sharing yoga practice, relaxation and meditation with like minded people.

Om shanti

Jo Fradley

Highgate House Yoga Weekend, 30th March - 1st April 2012

Janusirsasana balancing variation at Highgate House

I had previously attended yoga weekends at Domus Mariae and a couple of yoga days at Highgate House, but was pleased to find that this year the Highgate House event had been extended to a weekend also. I arrived late during dinner on the Friday evening (missing the afternoon welcome and yoga session) and the staff could not have been more welcoming, bringing me 3 delicious courses in quick succession, whilst everyone else finished their meals and I caught up with old friends. My room was pleasant and spacious, with separate bath and shower en-suite.

The theme for the weekend was “Finding Balance” which was very apt for me with my rather busy life with four kids, a job at a hospice and work with a swimming club, including preparing a swimmer for the Olympics!

After dinner, there was a group session about what constituted balance - the four groups showed a good diversity of ideas between us.

I confess I cannot tell you about early morning sessions on either day as I took the extremely rare opportunity of having a lie-in!

After a lovely breakfast chosen from an extensive range, I participated in the morning yoga session with Mehul Shah. This was enjoyably challenging and included clever ways to approach different postures, including ‘the crow’.

Meditation to Tim Francis’ dulcet tones chilled us before lunch.

After another lovely meal, we had an afternoon talk exploring how different postures balance each other with the lovely Martine Harvey.

Then it was time for a gentle late afternoon yoga practise with the inimitable Tim Francis, using the balancing effects of sound. I missed Miti Shah’s meditation, but everyone was full of smiles at the subsequent feast of dinner; then a sound sleep was next!

Sunday morning after checking out, we enjoyed a yoga session with the ever-smiling Jacqui Barnett- it’s always fascinating to experience every teacher’s individual take on postures and ended with a discussion on differences in ‘the crow’ from the previous day.

Meditation with Miti Shah was enlightening and calming to prepare us for departure after lunch – which many ate outside in the sun.

All-in-all a lovely oasis of peace from a busy life, and a thoroughly indulgent recharge of my batteries, I look forward to the next weekend I am able to escape to.

Sue Eddy


Highgate House Yoga Weekend, 30th March - 1st April 2012

Highgate House, seated twist

Being comparatively new to Yoga, I really did not know what to expect of this weekend, but I need not have worried since everyone was so friendly and helpful.

The accommodation was very comfortable and wanted for nothing, the food was extremely good, and the staff at the hotel were welcoming and friendly.

Before we left for the weekend we were sent, by email, a program of events and details of what each session would consist of, highlighting stronger or more relaxing experiences. This was useful since I could see what was happening throughout the weekend and decide which yoga sessions would be suitable for me. The weekend was about ‘balance’ for mind and body. 

During all the sessions there was emphasis on doing what was right for you and your body, mind and spirit, making all the sessions relaxing and non worrying for a new person like me.

Each day started with an early morning stretch which I enjoyed greatly followed by a hearty breakfast with many choices of food. We then went on the session we had chosen, in my case Body Wisdom with Martine Harvey, followed by coffee or tea, then a second shorter session  meditation with Tim Francis, before lunch. In both these sessions I experienced new and thought provoking ideas about Yoga. Again lunch consisted of many choices of food all excellent.

The afternoon was similar to the morning but I decided to take some free time and I went for a swim in the hotel pool. Following this I experienced my first concept of meditation and then chanting and began to understand their meaning and effect on the mind and body.

The evening meal was as I had now come to expect, excellent. During all the meals and breaks there was plenty of time to meet with and enjoy the company of the other Yoga enthusiasts, I discovered that people came with a whole range of experiences in Yoga and some of them new to Yoga, like myself.

Sunday morning continued in the same relaxing way, and after lunch we all said our goodbyes.

I left with a new enthusiasm and understanding of Yoga, I had brought a second hand Yoga book, many of which were on offer, to read to gain more knowledge for my practice. We also had some handouts to remind us of sessions for our future Yoga thoughts and practice.

I shall certainly attend next year, and this time I will take with me a writing material so that I can make notes after each session to help me remember for my subsequent practice.

Pauline Moore

Highgate House Yoga Weekend, 30th March - 1st April 2012

Highgate House - breath work

Personal opinion; I had a good time, NO a great time – NO a wonderful time, am still on a high.

All those hugs, great. It’s lovely meeting old friends, even better making new ones, great to see new young faces coming to swell the throng. I am so grateful to Jenny and Bernard for the lift, giving me the change to be a part of something special.

The venue is super and the food even more so (must make a stronger effort to slim on my return home). All special diets are well catered for, with variety. The staff are lovely and it’s nice to be so spoilt.

Planning the weekend programme must have been gone over so many times for it to run so smoothly – congratulations. It would be unfair to single out any one session; they all had a part to play and it all came together so well. Everyone was catered for in terms of ability, taste, variety, light and shade, all embellishing the theme for the weekend - balance. So an old hand could be refreshed and a new shoot empowered.

Quite a task well done to all Ally. I was reminded to “Be Here Now” at one point in a session, I would like to be there now, but if I was a boat I couldn’t stay in harbour all the time because that wasn’t what I was made for. So I must be happy at home but remember the weekend with joy.

Love and Hugs,

Mavis Turver

P.S. Look forward to another sail next year!

P.P.S. Just a suggestion – what about including something on colour?

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