Subtle Energy Residential, Essex, February 9th-11th 2018

£ 225.00

Subtle Energy Residential, Essex, February 9th-11th 2018






Yoga for Health and Education Trust



The Pranic Body and other Koshas

Domus Mariae, (school entrance), Turpins Lane,

Woodford Bridge, Essex. IG8 8AX

Friday 9th - Sunday 11th February 2018

Cost: £205 members, £225 non-members
Early bird: £20 off if booked before December 30th

Suitable for

Yoga Teachers' Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and serious yoga students with more than 2 years' experience


Tracy holds the Yoga for Health Foundation's general and remedial training certificates. Since 1998 she has been studying the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, aspects of Hatha and tantric yoga, the yoga of the Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads, as well as touching on yoga's sister philosophy, Samkhya, with Dr. Mukund Bhole, a renowned expert on the therapeutic aspects of yoga, and on pranayama. Her special interests are in the subtle energies of the inner aspects of yoga, self-realisation, and the possibility of transcendence.


Using various techniques of inner yoga, including but not limited to asana and pranayama, we will be exploring the physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual and behavioural aspects of our being in a practical way, so that the koshas move from being purely theoretical concepts to facets of our nature that can be experienced and worked with. What kind of feedback do we get from our physical structure? How do we experience our breathing body? What kinds of thoughts and feelings arise as we practise? Is it possible to address current stress, past trauma or anxiety about the future? How might we need to adapt our behaviour in the light of the insights we receive? Can suffering be transcended?

If you are ready to move beyond the purely physical dimension of yoga, profound though that may be, this workshop is for you. Those who have attended previous workshops on the subtle energies of inner yoga will be able to deepen their practice.

A continuing personal practice and study (swadhyaya) is essential if you wish to share your experiences with others. By developing and understanding your own practice it will give you the confidence and experiential knowledge to assist others on a similar path.

The number of formal CPD hours for this weekend is 10 and participants will receive a certificate. This does not include any additional informal learning in the company of other teachers during breaks, at mealtimes and socially throughout the weekend.

By default food is vegetarian for this event. Special detary requriements can be specified when booking.

There will be time for questions, sharing, assimilation and reflection.

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Domus Mariae CPD Weekend on the Subtle Energies of Inner Yoga, February 2017

This was my first visit to Domus Mariae having heard much about the venue. It was a dark weekend in February, the in between Christmas and Spring time when inspiration is required.

We were greeted and shown our accommodation, which was very comfortable and we enjoyed the communal kitchen for cups of tea and chats during the weekend. The food was really good, in abundance and delicious. The venue was very comfortable, clean and the room we practiced yoga in was very peaceful.

“The subtle energies of Inner Yoga” – I am not a yoga teacher and enjoy yoga and the varieties of yoga and teachers – I had no idea of what this workshop would be about but having been to several of the other weekends really looked forward to it. Really it was beyond expectations and took yoga to a completely different dimension for me. If ever there was any magic in yoga then I really experienced it during this weekend. Awareness was the key word, awareness of the body, breathing and sound, complete body awareness. The first evening on arrival during the introduction workshop delivered us to the venue and the work. Over the course of the weekend I can only describe as magical, the experience of my whole body breathing and being completely aware of being in my body, I really don’t think that I have ever experienced this before.

I have to really give a big thank you and acknowledgement to Tracy Gent, such a gentle but inspirational teacher. Tracy guided us gently through the workshop and helped us experience the awareness of the subtle energies of inner yoga. This is a practice that I now incorporate in my everyday life and has made such a difference to my feelings of wellbeing and awareness of myself and others.

Caroline Webster

Domus Mariae CPD Weekend on the Subtle Energies of Inner Yoga, February 2016

I have been asked to review the CPD event held at Domus Mariae in February.  It was my first time at the venue and my first time being taught by Tracy.  I have been to other YHET events so recognised many faces and got to know some more.  Its surprising and pleasing how relaxed we all are with each other.  Coming together to learn more must do us some good.

I also quite liked the venue though not as much as St Mary’s in Wantage, which unfortunately is no longer available to us.  It took me quite a while before I realised that some windows do give views of the garden although most seem to give views of walls!  The food was good and the service relaxed and friendly with help available freely without any sense of needing to create a fuss.  I particularly liked the Labyrinth by the chapel.  I’m not that into walking meditation but that made sense to me and I would love to walk it again.

Tracy’s focus is the inner practices of yoga designed to open us up to our connection with all that is.  I found it very beneficial to be given physical awareness practices to tap into this connection and reference to therapeutic benefits which gave me new insight into a long standing problem that I have.   I also liked the references to the underpinnings of Tracy’s teaching both in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the teachings she has received over many years from Dr Bhole.
Tracy had already begun to adjust her planning for CPD weekends from feedback she received after the previous ones.  It was good that she was open with us and to us to consider how to adjust once more for any further weekends.  I am hoping she will plan to do one on the esoteric teachings of yoga again in a way that makes it accessible to new people and to show how this work might fit into our everyday practice and our yoga classes.

One of the things we did realise was  we do enough work in the day time sessions and that it would be better to have something more relaxed and social for Saturday evening’s work.  I seem to remember that happening at Ickwell Bury.  So get your talents out to bring along next time and Saturday evening can be fun and lighthearted and Tracy can have a well earned rest.

Many thanks to all involved.

Lesley Butterwick

Domus Mariae CPD Weekend on the Subtle Energies of Inner Yoga, February 2016

I arrived at Domus Mariae once again on Friday 12th February 2016 for another weekend of the subtle practice of  Inner Yoga with Tracy Gent.  I had attended the previous 2 two weekends with her in 2014 and 2015 and found them to be very interesting.  Tracy teaches with her gentle energy and calm voice which makes the practices easier to learn.

Tracy was originally taught by Dr Bhole, a medical doctor, physiologist, and joint director of research of Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, India for 35 years.  I remember him visiting the Yoga for Health Foundation some years ago.

During the weekend we revisited some of the work we had previously done and Tracy discussed feedback she had received from those who attended Inner Yoga 2.  This time we covered – the spine, working with the doors of perception, nadis, various pranayamas, mudra and bandhas, mantra and transcendental practices.  Each subject was divided into short sessions so we could have a break, a cup of tea or some fresh air.  I found it took deep concentration to keep my mind focused on the inner yoga so the timing worked well for me.

As usual the accommodation was comfortable and the food tasty with no problem for those who are on special diets.  It was also great to meet up with friends again and catch up with their news and views.

Well, it's time for me to to 'go inside' and see if I can breathe through my ears!  I'm not joking!  

Live well, Laugh Often, Love Much

Eileen Nash

Domus Mariae CPD Weekend on the Subtle Energies of Inner Yoga, February 2015

I was lucky enough to have attended last year’s Subtle Energies of Inner Yoga part one, which was also delivered by Tracy, and as soon as the course details were published for this year I booked immediately, and I am very glad I did. I had also told my sister, who is about to start a yoga teacher training, about the weekend and she also managed to attend. I know that she found the weekend beneficial and enjoyable.

The venue is easily accessible and near to where we live in North London, although once you have arrived it feels miles away from anywhere, the ground and buildings are so peaceful. The rooms arranged over three floors are cosy, warm and spotlessly clean and the vegetarian home cooked food is wonderful.

We started our weekend at 5pm with a gentle stretching class which was very welcome after a long week at work and a busy Friday afternoon drive.

After dinner in the first session Tracy revisited the work done in part one of the course, refreshing those who had attended, and informing those who had not. From session one Tracy led the course in her calm, quiet wonderful voice, starting with the perception of light before our closed eyes, moving into a whole body scan, then becoming aware of each part of our bodies and linking with that part of the body. If we could not link with a part of the body then we asked ourselves why? Was there a block in that part of the body, if so then was the reason for the block obvious such a trauma or not? Tracy finished our session on Friday evening with a Yoga Nidra which was a perfect end to my day.

With the work on the Saturday in a “subtle” exercise, I found that I was holding tension in a specific part of my neck area. I had not consciously realised this and found it with the subtle energy work. My breathing and the movement in this area was, in Tracy’s words, “paradoxical” or contradictory to the way it should be, although I could feel and sense that all the other nearby points in the neck area were working correctly. So by working on this one point for a time I eventually got the breathing and movement correct and today everything in this area is still tension free. This was a practice that I had never used before and it was a great benefit to me as I am sure it was to everyone in the group. Let me mention the group at this point, a kind caring inclusive group of yogis whose company I immensely enjoyed.

Saturday evening ended with working with sound energies through bija mantras and AUM, which I found was powerful work. On Sunday, we experienced nadis and nadi shuddhi pranayama, again Tracy’s knowledgeable ways of working is unique to anything else I have ever experienced on acourse, and we all found different pathways through her skilled direction.

This review is just my own personal impressions of a small part of the work we practised over the weekend, and for me it was wonderful to, through Tracy’s guidance, physically experience practices that I had only read about, this giving me new understanding.

I hopefully look forward to there being a part three Subtle Energies of Yoga next February, and recommend that you book it too!

Jackie Arnold

Domus Mariae CPD Weekend on the Subtle Energies of Inner Yoga, February 2014

For a long time I've been receiving tempting emails from YHET about the residential weekends at Domus Mariae in Woodford and finally I managed to book for the Subtle Energies from 7th - 9th February. I could not have picked a better weekend, spent with old friends and new, including many staff who had taught me at Ickwell Bury.

I found the venue, Domus Mariae, accessible by public transport from S E London though many participants had driven there. The site is sprawling but the parts assigned to us were clustered close together. I was taken aback to find my bedroom window looking out on to a brick wall but this was a minor detail. The food was plentiful and delicious, the staff helpful and efficient and the accommodation warm and spotlessly clean.

This all provided the perfect setting for the wonderful teaching by Tracy Gent who has worked with Dr Bhole for 15 years. She is a teacher gifted in her ability to explain complex and subtle yoga concepts in clear, relevant ways and to guide her students through practical experience of these concepts. We spent a lot of time lying on the floor learning to pay real attention to our body structure and breathing. This apparently simple, repetitive and graduated approach touched on great depths and potential for us to pursue through future practice. Tracy's excellent visual presentations on a large screen were reproduced in a handbook for us to take away and use for future reference. Personally I found that Tracy was able to pull together in an integrated way many yoga concepts I'd heard of (and many which I hadn't) which at last made sense: rather like joining up the dots in the old "painting by numbers". So thank you Tracy for an illuminating and enriching weekend which I hope will be followed by others.

As ever it was heartening to be able to share our learning and experiences with others safe in the knowledge that we share a common and growing understanding in yoga. Thank you to all at YHET for enabling this to happen.

Om shanti

Janet Harris

Domus Mariae CPD Weekend on the Subtle Energies of Inner Yoga, February 2014

How do they do it? Another brilliant weekend of yoga. The normal start of a yoga stretch at 5.00pm did not take place due to another group at Domus Mariae for the weekend, so reception was very busy. We yoga arrivals collected in the sitting room to wait for the room keys to be sorted out. I think this turned out to be of benefit as the opportunity to get to know those with us for the first time and to chat to the regular attenders.

The weekend was quite intensive, a lot to take in. As I made it to the 7.00am session on Saturday and took the early morning session on Sunday I may well have nodded off occasionally during the day. The aspect of inner yoga was new to me - and fascinating.

Some of the practices we explored were:

The perception of light before closed eyes: Close the eyes and learn to perceive oneself from the inside.

The body scan: Be aware of each part of the body just as a structure, without moving it.

The effect of asana on the perception of light and body awareness: This involved circular movements of the body, clockwise and anti-clockwise from the sitting area, pelvis, stomach, mid chest/base of the neck, top of the spine/base of the skull. I found that the practice literally stirred me up, raising emotions that made me tearful without knowing exactly why.

Experiencing pranayama Kosha: Involved breathing and observing its effect on different levels of the trunk, making me very aware of the relationship between the movement of the breath and the movement of the body that the breath causes. This experience is of movement in the horizontal plane, prana and apana vayus. New to me was the udana vayu, experienced as vertical expansion and retraction, arising from the direction in which the fibres of the stretching muscles run.

Experiencing the vertebral column: Dynamic crocodile poses from the semi-supine position and from supine position, comparing the effect of changing the focus from the periphery of the trunk to the area of the vertebral column.

There was much, much more contained in the weekend programme, one of the must do events of the Yoga for Health and Education Trust. (But hey, aren’t they all must do events?)

Many thanks to Tracy Gent who had worked very hard to present a fascinating programme.

Greg Shore


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