Website class listings guide for yoga teachers

There are plenty of yoga class listing websites out there, but which should yoga teachers choose and what tips and tricks can help you to make the most of your listings?

This article restricts itself to sites available to all yoga teachers. There are various listings restricted to teachers affiliated to particular yoga organisations and I have ignored these. A number of sites say that they are free but then ask for a donation and I have excluded these also. It makes sense to try the free sites first and you can then decide for yourself whether to consider other sites also. Before placing a listing, it's best to make sure that there are a good number of entries already as this is more likely to mean that it is worthwhile being listed there.

Here I profile two popular websites where you can list yoga classes completely free of charge. One of them also supports free event and holiday listings as well. In both cases you first register with a user name and password and then set up and manage your classes / events.

So is it worth it? Well in my experience, yes. I’ve had quite a lot of enquiries. Even if you don’t intend to create your own entries, it can be useful to see what other classes are listed in your area and how they are described – it might lead you to put a different emphasis on a new class you are starting up, for example. Entries are quite straightforward to set up and once created will stay on the listings websites semi-permanently (this varies from site to site – see below). Remember to update your entries if your class details change.

Before creating your own entries have a good look at other entries, particularly those in your locality. As well as showing how your entries will appear it may help you decide on your own content. Having created your entries you should check that they display as you expected and that you are happy with them.

There are a lot of similarities in the way these sites work. I have described Yoganearby in more detail and thereafter I have just highlighted significant differences.

The two sites I use to publicise my own classes are:

1.    Yoga Nearby –

I have found this to be the best site for generating enquiries about my classes; I've had 18 enquiries in the last four years via Yoga Nearby. This site allows you to search for the nearest class, event or holiday to a particular street name, city or postcode. It displays the closest one first, followed by those progressively further away. You can filter the results by distance, yoga style, ability, day and time.

On Yoga Nearby you define your teaching location(s), your teacher profile and your individual class entries. Having set up your location(s) your then define as many classes / events as you need at each location. This makes it easy to enter multiple classes for a single location. Your teacher profile is shown  beneath the class data so your class information should be limited to that specific to the class.

To see how it works, select “Class” as the type of event to search for, then type in MK17 0SH, select the Mursley Road address it suggests and click search. Clicking on the class title or image will display full details of the class, a Google location map and teacher details.

Yoga Nearby assumes by default that all classes run every week but you could add a note to a class entry if it stopped running temporarily. You cannot suspend an individual class temporarily, but you can register yourself as inactive to suspend all your classes – handy if you go to India for three months, I guess! Classes on Yoga Nearby NEVER expire so you need to delete any that you stop running.

You can upload up to five images with Yoga Nearby. They are displayed as small square thumbnails initially on the system but in their original aspect ratio when you click on them.

When setting up workshop / holidays as distinct from classes then you do specify start and end dates.

To see how a holiday entry appears on the system, select “Holiday” as the event type you want on the initial welcome screen, type the partial postcode IG8, select the Woodford Green address it suggests and click Search – this will show any YHET Domus Mariae events currently listed.

2.    Local Yoga Classes -

This is a subsection of the Ruth White Yoga Products website, (which is actually nothing to do with Ruth White anymore!).

The Local Yoga Classes site allows you to search for yoga classes by either county or town for classes again using useful filters such as time, day, style and class level.

Unlike Yoga Nearby when I first set up my class entries they were manually vetted before being included on the website. This should take a few days or so but when I first set my entries up years ago I had to remind them at which point they then promptly appeared! Unlike Yoga Nearby, where enquiries come via forms the enquirer completes on the Yoga Nearby website, here enquirers email you direct. There is no facility to suspend a class – you would have to add a note saying that it was temporarily suspended or delete it and set it up again. When you create a class entry, you can also enter the town(s), if any, that are nearby so that they will also appear when people search for those towns.

As usual, summary class details are shown for any classes that match your search parameters, listed alphabetically by location. You can display a map of the class location, details of the class or details of the teacher. Usefully, If you select the teacher details then all the classes that teacher runs are also listed.


Based on and updated from an article that first appeared in the Autumn 2011 Yoga for Health and Education Trust Magazine.



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