Domus Mariae CPD Weekend on the Subtle Energies of Inner Yoga, February 2017

Domus Mariae CPD Weekend on the Subtle Energies of Inner Yoga, February 2017
February 27, 2017

This was my first visit to Domus Mariae having heard much about the venue. It was a dark weekend in February, the in between Christmas and Spring time when inspiration is required.

We were greeted and shown our accommodation, which was very comfortable and we enjoyed the communal kitchen for cups of tea and chats during the weekend. The food was really good, in abundance and delicious. The venue was very comfortable, clean and the room we practiced yoga in was very peaceful.

“The subtle energies of Inner Yoga” – I am not a yoga teacher and enjoy yoga and the varieties of yoga and teachers – I had no idea of what this workshop would be about but having been to several of the other weekends really looked forward to it. Really it was beyond expectations and took yoga to a completely different dimension for me. If ever there was any magic in yoga then I really experienced it during this weekend. Awareness was the key word, awareness of the body, breathing and sound, complete body awareness. The first evening on arrival during the introduction workshop delivered us to the venue and the work. Over the course of the weekend I can only describe as magical, the experience of my whole body breathing and being completely aware of being in my body, I really don’t think that I have ever experienced this before.

I have to really give a big thank you and acknowledgement to Tracy Gent, such a gentle but inspirational teacher. Tracy guided us gently through the workshop and helped us experience the awareness of the subtle energies of inner yoga. This is a practice that I now incorporate in my everyday life and has made such a difference to my feelings of wellbeing and awareness of myself and others.