Domus Mariae Weekend, November 2016

Domus Mariae Weekend, November 2016
November 28, 2016

I had the pleasure of being a newcomer at a truly beautiful and enlightening weekend at YHET last weekend. I would like to thank all those involved in making it such a varied and enjoyable experience from start to finish. The venue is so relaxing and easy to feel a part of with the facilities offering everything for everybody. The food and refreshments were varied and plentiful with lots of choice and helpings. Sitting chatting to everyone gave a real sense of being part of the whole group and getting to know everyone. Having our own kitchen on each floor made for easy and flexible breakfast times. The rooms and facilities were all immaculate.

As for the all important yoga, the various classes offered a perfect balance of gentle yoga, stretching, strengthening, meditation, relaxation, chanting and even a gong bath. The early morning classes offered a perfect warm up to the day ahead with time afterwards for breakfast and a walk around the beautifully kept gardens. Having various different teachers throughout the whole weekend enabled me to experience different styles and paces of yoga. I have practised yoga for many years but haven’t experimented as much as I would like which meant this weekend offered an ideal opportunity to immerse myself in a variety of experiences which were not just “exercise” based. I particularly enjoyed the chanting which I had never experienced before and found it very uplifting and blew away the cobwebs and inhibitions. I definitely feel more toned following some of the stretches and more dynamic yoga and am determined to up my regime at home, fingers crossed on that one!

The gong bath experience was unforgettable and really moved me. I have suffered mal alignment for many years which is gradually being corrected with thanks to my dentist and physiotherapist. The one area which I have suffered a lot of problems I found the gong bath particularly beneficial as this worked on a different level to just the physical. The vibrations seem to home in on this area immediately and I feel a lot more “clear and free flowing”. I found the experience quite emotional but in a good way and am planning to visit another gong bath soon, luck for me they are in my area I am pleased to say. I found this a perfect end to the Saturday evening.

I can honestly say that I feel much stronger in mind, body and spirit and have met some wonderful people during the weekend. I will definitely return to the next YHET weekend and look forward to meeting up with all the wonderful people involved. I thank you all dearly and highly recommend joining YHET for all the benefits you have to offer.

I am now a proud member of YHET (membership complete!) so look forward to hearing all the news and upcoming dates.