Highgate House Weekend on The Breath, April 2017

Highgate House Weekend on The Breath, April 2017
April 28, 2017

I attended the April 7-9 yoga weekend at Highgate House and I’m so glad I did! It was just the inspiration I needed to revitalize my practice. The focus of the weekend was The Breath. The yoga and guided meditation sessions seemed geared more to noticing rather than controlling the breath. I found this slowed down awareness and was very peaceful and have taken that thinking into my regular yoga and meditation.

Highgate House Hotel is a lovely place. My room was comfy and cosy with a nice bathroom, great shower and organic toiletries. There is also a very nice indoor swimming pool and a gym with sauna. The staff were welcoming, enthusiastic and helpful. The chef and serving staff were particularly professional and accommodating. The food was plentiful and delicious. A highlight for me was the always available coffee and basket of biscuits.

I was originally interested in this yoga weekend because of the Sound Bath on Saturday night. I have become more and more curious about the effects of vibration/sound at a quantum level and was keen to have this experience. Roz Crampton and Adi Scott from Earthdance were incredible. The Sound Bath was performed as we lay on our mats with eyes closed. Tibetan bells, didgeridoo , drums, chanting, rainstick, and singing were some of the sounds. After a while I began to see bright colours behind my closed eyes and to feel powerful vibrations in my hands. One person on a mat near me began to sing. I found it joyful and eye opening. Thanks Roz and Adi!

(The Sound Bath had powerful effects on several people; some found it to be a wonderful experience others that it was painful and very distressing. Ed.)

In fact, the whole weekend was joyful and eye opening for me. I will definitely attend another YHET event. It was a real pleasure to meet this lovely, inclusive and positive group of people.