Highgate House Weekend on The Breath, April 2017

Highgate House Weekend on The Breath, April 2017
April 28, 2017

The Highgate House Yoga weekend is a date in my diary that I look forward to immensely, giving the perfect opportunity to nip away from the chaos of busy family life and for a long weekend totally relax and return feeling restored.

I have been to Highgate house with my neighbour Sharon for the past four or five years and we always manage to have  great fun in gorgeous surroundings, enjoy plenty of varied yoga, and have plenty of laughs with friends old and new and even a competitive game or two of scrabble thrown into the mix.

Highgate house is a lovely 17th century country house in a rural location in Northamptonshire and is surrounded by pretty countryside so it’s the perfect place to feel as if you have really got away for the weekend.  The accommodation is varied with a mixture of old and new but whether you are in the main house or the annexe buildings, the rooms are always clean and comfortable and the staff exceptionally helpful.

The food is always plentiful and delicious – so much to choose from and the staff go over and above with any special dietary needs.  You can also help yourself to fresh fruit, drinks and snacks as well as bottled water throughout the weekend which is a lovely gesture.

Sharon and I tend to arrive on the Friday afternoon which we love as it eases us perfectly into the weekend unwind  – Creaton must be part of a mini micro climate as we more often than not end up sitting outside in the sunshine in the pretty gardens in April which is no mean feat.  The weekend programme starts with a gentle class, before dinner, then everyone gathers together for the welcome introduction to the theme of the weekend – this year – ‘The Breath’- was the theme which supported the basis of the class themes over the weekend.  Each of the teachers used the theme in their classes which  gave new ways of thinking and moving using the breath – the classes really made you rethink and focus on slowing down the breath and being aware of finding stillness in the breath.

The variety  of yoga built into the weekend programme is always a real bonus.  It  really is suitable for everyone and you can dip in or dip out too, so you don’t need to feel pressured about going to every session if you fancy a lie in instead of an early morning stretch or a walk or swim instead of one of the daytime sessions!  Most sessions offer a choice of two classes simultaneously too so you can dip into whatever you fancy – general or remedial plus there are group meditation sessions and discussions which are always a great way to get involved or simply sit and listen.

The weekend also offers wonderful opportunities to try new experiences. One of the sessions this April was a ‘gong bath’ which I personally found extremely moving and  gave an insight into a completely different practice of teaching.  It also created a topic for discussion about how people felt about the gong bath and the feelings they experienced in the session  both – good and bad.

I would highly recommend the weekend to anyone wanting to enjoy sharing yoga  with like minded people in a gorgeous setting.

Many thanks to all involved in making the weekend so special.