Highgate House Weekend on The Chakras, October 2017

Highgate House Weekend on The Chakras, October 2017
October 28, 2017

The last Yoga weekend I joined was in the final days of Ickwell Bury over a decade ago. It was great to find that the spirit of the Bury is alive and well. For me the whole weekend was a great homecoming.

The team at Highgate house were all very extremely helpful and friendly. This was with an authenticity that speaks of a happy and positive culture within the organisation.

Each of the sessions was great in its own way with the theme of the Chakras giving a thread weaving through them all. I hadn’t worked with any of the teachers before but I found I got a lot from each session and learned several new techniques.

The food was excellent. Saturday night was a real highlight for me. Our table really got on well and we had great fun. To the extent that we began to realise that we had become the ‘loud table’.

In summary great fun, great yoga and great company. Looking forward a lot to next time.